Why You Should Buy a Certified Lighting Cable

by Nathan

The internet is a great place to go for unlimited phone accessories, and you can find any lighting cable you want for your Apple phone. However, not every cable out there is worth purchasing. When sorting through the options, the best decision you could make is to go for certified lightning cables at our power & cables collection. We understand that clients want the best, and that’s what we offer you. You might be asking, “Why opt for a certified lighting cable from Ugreen and not any random cable?” We are here to inform you.

Four reasons for buying a certified lighting cable

With various options to choose from, it’s easy to get confused about what to settle on. Sometimes, buyers look at the price tag and make the wrong choice because they do not want to spend beyond their budget. This post discusses why you should get a certified lighting cable from Ugreen.


One of the top reasons you need a certified lightning cable is compatibility. When buying regular cables, you can never be 100% sure if they will work on your phone. For this reason, certified lightning cables are recommended. With a certified cable, you can be sure that it will work even when you purchase it online. Using an incompatible cable can also damage your device. Why risk damaging your phone when you can get a good cable easily.

Prevents phone damage

Certified lightning cables have a chip inside their lightning connector. This chip controls the amount of current delivered to the battery. This helps protect your device from getting damaged. Counterfeit cables do not have the regulator chip inside them. Therefore, nothing is controlling the current getting to your device. This often leads to poor charging, overheating, and irreversible damage to your gadget. It is worth mentioning that excess current can fry your internal battery components. Some gadgets will even display the ‘This cable is not certified” warning when using the wrong cable. This warning indicates that the cable may cause your gadget not to function properly.

Quality and longevity

Certified lightning cables provide quality and longevity. The lightning cables are not poorly constructed but made from high-quality materials. Other regular lightning cables are made from low-grade plastic compounds and subpar electronic parts that make them brittle and easy to get damaged. Un-certified lightning cables also often break inside your phone, causing significant damage. Therefore, certified cables over longevity for both your cable and device.

Fast charging

Another benefit of certified lightning cables is that they are fast charging. If you need fast charging, certified lightning cables are the way to go. They provide a maximum 18W charging speed. While this may not seem that powerful, it will save you quite some time compared to regular chargers. Certified lightning cables are especially great if you want to charge while using your phone.


Experts recommend against getting uncertified lightning cables because your device may not charge. A wrong cable may also catch fire or break inside your gadget. The good thing is you can find certified lightning cables online from Ugreen store today.

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