4 types of eyelashes you can buy

by Nathan

The beauty and cosmetics industry has evolved significantly over the past few years, and when it comes to eyelashes, there are new resources to make them look better than ever. There are many private label lash suppliers on the market that offer different types of lashes that you can buy for your business depending on the needs of your clients.

If you are professionally engaged in makeup or aesthetic treatments, you should include eyelash application in your services. For this it is necessary that you know the types of eyelashes available and know how they are and then advise your client regarding which ones they need.

Currently there are several types of eyelashes that vary depending on the application technique, so it is important that you know what they are and have satisfied customers.

1. Individual eyelashes

This type of eyelashes usually come in a presentation similar to a bunch of hair, however, when placed on the eye, they will be glued one by one between the natural eyelashes.

This technique requires a lot of patience, pulse and concentration, since it implies a very meticulous work. However, it is not impossible, and if you are very careful, you will be very pleased with the results, as they look very natural to the naked eye.

For this type of eyelashes you have to take into account the amount of eyelashes to use, in order to avoid putting more eyelashes on one eye than the other. Be sure to count them while you are applying them.

2. Strip lashes

Strip lashes are the most common and the easiest to find in any store. It is a full strip of lashes, which is characterized by having all the lashes in a row in the same band. This band is placed over the natural line of your eye.

They basically merge with your natural lashes and are much easier to apply and remove. These are usually more artificial than the previous type of lashes, but they are certainly much more practical.

3. Hair by hair eyelashes

As the name suggests, this type of eyelashes are placed in the natural line of the eye one by one. This technique is only applied by professionals, and there are even courses to be able to do it, which are generally taken by those who are professionally dedicated to cosmetic procedures.

They are used to increase the volume of your natural eyelashes and the result when applied correctly is imperceptible.

4. Magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are the latest trend in this type of accessory. They are so called because they have a kind of micro-magnets that adhere to your eye line much easier than other types of eyelashes.

Many eyelash brands offer them to their customers because unlike other types of eyelashes, they do not need glue and can be reused many times.

As you can see there are many types of eyelashes you can buy, with their different features, application techniques and advantages. Be sure to try all the options that best suit your eye type, your time and tastes.

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