Incredible Tips To Boost Your Laptops Performance

by Nathan

Your HP laptop battery is the key to optimum speed and function of your HP laptop. Your HP laptop will perform better and last longer without charging if you do the following tips to maintain its optimal health. If you get an HP laptop battery replacement, keep practicing these tips to ensure the new battery lasts longer. You wouldn’t want to lose your work because the laptop went off before you could save your progress, so you should read these tips and learn how to boost laptop performance.

1. Adjust your power settings

Check your laptop settings and adjust them to save on power consumption. This is the most apparent and most straightforward power saving option for your laptop. You can turn on power saving options, which lets you choose how long your display will take to go off after a duration of inactivity. The sooner you let the screen go off, the more power you save.

2. Turn down the backlight

Your laptop screen backlight is the biggest consumer of energy on your laptop system. If you dim the screen brightness, you save up to thirty minutes of power to get more work done. To adjust your screen brightness, you can use one of the labeled F1 keys to set it as low as you can without straining.

3. Change the background

Your background picture and screen saver are major energy consumers. Change your screen saver to one with fewer colors and preferably one that does not change every few minutes. We advise that you choose a monochromatic or solid dark color screen saver.

4. Turn off the computer when done

Most people will close their laptops after a long day’s work instead of shutting down the system then closing the laptop lid. If you do not shut down your computer, it is still using battery power, and you have less battery power when you start using the laptop again. We recommend you shut down your computer before closing it up, so it takes a break too.

5. Choose hibernation as opposed to sleep mode

Putting your laptop in hibernation mode means that your computer is more shut down than asleep. When in hibernation, your computer is not actively using its memory to save the current state of things in the system before shutting down. Try and activate the hibernation mode before the battery is completely drained.

6. Keep the laptop cool

When your laptop is too hot or too cold, it does not function as efficiently as it should. Your laptop wastes energy trying to cool off, so use your laptop in an environment that isn’t too hot and avoid using it in bed to prevent blocking cold air from reaching your laptop’s fans. You should also not leave your computer in a car on a hot day or in direct sunlight. An energy-saving hack is to get a laptop mounting stand; it will improve your posture and ventilation.

In conclusion

There are many ways to boost laptop performance. The health of your laptop’s battery directly depends on your laptop settings. In addition to these excellent tips, you should always unplug your computer when fully charged and charge it before it is completely depleted. Do not forget to monitor your laptop battery performance by running diagnostics on it often.

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