How to Soften Your Blonde Lace Front Wigs

by Nathan

When you buy your blonde wig, it may come with a hard temple. The temple is stiff and feels like plastic. Before wearing your wig, you’ll need to soften the temples so they feel like real hair. This is the best way to make sure that your blonde wig fits comfortably on your head and looks natural.

Here’s how to go about it:

Pre-Wash the Wig Using Natural Oils

Before wearing your wig, it is necessary that you pre-wash it using natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil. You can also use baby shampoo but make sure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals that may affect the colour of your hair. This process will help get rid of any residue left by the manufacturer and also remove any odour from storage or shipping. This is also the best process to take first if you are softening a wig that has stiffened over time from dust and direct sun exposure.

Shampoo the Wig

Rinse the natural oil you just used in washing the wig, then lather it with shampoo. Shampoo your wig with a mild shampoo as this will remove any dirt or oil that has accumulated on the wig fibres. Do not use hot water as it will damage the fibres of your wig. Instead, use cold water and apply gentle pressure to the wig cap when shampooing in order to get rid of any excess water after rinsing.

Moisturise Your Wig

Wigs are made with synthetic hair and are very dry. Once you buy a wig, it may come with a little bit of shine but after some time, it will start looking dull and frizzy. To make your wig look healthy again, you need to moisturise it before you wash it for the first time. You can use any type of moisturizing product like olive oil or Shea butter. The best way to do this is by using a spray bottle with warm water in it, spray some of the product on your hand and rub your hands together until it forms into a paste before applying it onto your wig. You can apply this mixture twice a week until your wig looks shiny again.

Deep Condition the Wig

Your wig has been through a lot – from being styled into its current style by you or by an expert stylist, to being shipped across oceans and stored in boxes before finally being sold to you!

Wigs are made of synthetic fibres which do not have the same elasticity as natural hair. So, in order for them to look natural, you need to deep condition them on a regular basis with a wig conditioner. You can use any brand as long as it is made specifically for wigs. Just apply a generous amount and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This will give your wig the added strength and softness that it needs to look more natural.

Dry the Wig

When you have just washed your wig and have let it air dry, don’t put it back on until it has completely dried out all over! If you put it back on too soon, then there will be moisture trapped inside which could lead to mould growth or even mildew!


Whether you decided to buy a wig or have it custom made, the wig will need some kind of care in order to ensure that your wig and head are completely safe. You can come across so many different options these days including lace front and full lace wigs. The piece of your hair that frames your face, which can enhance or detract from your appearance, is not only your own real hair, but also an effective way of making yourself look great.  The good news for most women is that your hair lasts based on the effort you take to maintain it, and softening the wig is just one of the many ways to do this.

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