Halloween DIY Pumpkin Basket

by Nathan

At goodwill, the busiest time of the year is Halloween, which also happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Thrift shops have long been popular destinations for inventive people and proud do-it-yourselfers like me who want to create one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced decorations as well as ingenious, award-winning costumes utilizing common stuff that can be used again. You may save money on your Christmas goods, keep fine products out of landfills and in circulation, either as you found them or as part of something altogether new, and support goodwill’s goal by shopping from their shops in the process. It’s a tremendous win-win for everyone.

You can make your own Halloween family heritage pumpkin with only a $2.99 circular basket from goodwill’s south Lamar store, some pumpkin orange and black spray paint, and a free downloadable and printable stencil. This do-it-yourself project took me just about ten minutes to do (not counting the time it took for the glue to dry), and it is now something that we will use to display candy or hand away during Halloween for a very long time to come!

What you’ll require to have:

  • Weaved basket made of either straw, wicker, or acrylic, with a circular base.
  • Pumpkin orange spray paint
  • Black paint for spray cans
  • Template of a jack-o’-lantern (printed or freehand drawn)
  • A pair of scissors or a utility knife

To begin, you will want to eliminate any dust that may be in your basket by using either a vacuum attachment or a canned air solution such as dust-off. The next step is to spread out some newspaper in the area you need to spray paint (i prefer doing this step outdoors!). Apply a layer of pumpkin spray paint that is heavy-handed yet even all over the basket. Pay particular care to the bottom of the handles and the inside well of the basket. While the paint on your pumpkin is drying, you may either sketch a jack-o’-lantern by hand or download and print one onto a thick piece of paper, such as cardstock. Make a jack-o’-lantern face by using your scissors or a craft knife to remove the innards of the pumpkin.

Check to see whether the paint on your basket is still sticky when touched; if it is, you may go to the next stage; otherwise, if you need another coat of paint for coverage, go back to the first step. When the orange paint on your basket is fully dry, firmly push the stencil into position, and then spray a strong layer of black spray paint into the open areas of the stencil, taking care not to move the stencil while you are spraying. Let dry, and voilà! Halloween heirloom. Give your young one who goes trick-or-treating this halloween pumpkin bucket, which they will undoubtedly want to take about with them in order to gather all of their sweets in. This iconic orange pumpkin bucket with its connected black handle is constructed from plastic, is 14 centimeters tall and 15 centimeters broad, and has a frightening pumpkin face design in black on the front of the bucket.

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