Wireless Earbuds Vs wired headphones

by Nathan

As soon as your friends start switching from wired headphones to wireless earbuds, you start thinking about doing the same. However, smart people like to compare both options before making this transformation. So, if you are planning to compare them both, this article is a good fit for your situation. It’s good to know the main difference and take a complete 360 view before spending your money.


Yes, it’s not a surprise that the cost of hi-tech earbuds wireless is more than wired headphones. The hefty price tag is that these advanced devices have expensive components. With the rising demand for earbuds, many companies are jumping into the market. Thereby, you can find some affordable options as well. The price tag of wired headphones is less than its wireless counterpart. So, if you are making the comparison, you are walking on the wrong side. Before you invest, it’s good to know both positive and negative aspects so that you would realize whether this accessory is worth your investment or not.

Sound Quality and Controls

As you know, sound quality is based entirely on audio transmission from source to the headphone. The connection between the source and headphones is uninterrupted in a wired one. As a result, you can expect excellent sound quality. In the case of wireless earbuds, there is no direct connection. Compressed digital signals are transmitted from the source to your wireless earbuds, and then they are converted back into analog for play. In other words, there is some distance between earbuds and source. Alongside several obstacles between source and wireless earbuds, this distance affects overall sound quality. You can enjoy excellent quality, but you need to stay within range. HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds is designed with premium sound quality.

Battery Life

Another point of comparison between wired and wireless earphones is battery life. You don’t have to worry about the battery because the wired one relies on your device. On the flip side, manufacturers give charging cases with batteries with earbuds. Once the earphones are fully charged, they are good to go for four hours. With the advancement of technology, you can expect more run time. However, when you shop for earbuds, try to get one that fits well and doesn’t seem bulky. It might offer more run time if it’s heavy, but it will hurt your earlobes, and that’s not what you would like. HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds comes with 12-hours of battery life.


Since wireless earphones are luxury devices, they bring various functions such as noise cancellation, ambient mode, find my earbuds, and much more. Unfortunately, wireless mode can’t get such functions and advanced features. If you are a geek who prefers technology over old-school devices, switching from wired to wireless is the ultimate best decision.


Without any doubt, wireless earbuds are comfortable. You walk around confidently without worrying about getting yourself stuck with wires. When you are involved in sports activities or workouts, wires create nothing but a big mess around. So, wireless headphones are becoming more popular because they bring an optimal level of comfort. They keep you away from the hassle of dangling wires, and you feel at ease with them.

Wrap Up

Wireless earbuds might not be a perfect choice if you care about battery life and budget too much. However, it would help if you considered them as a gift of a new era. Many affordable options are there to use. All you have to do is to try them. Instead of dealing with wires all the time, you deserve to enjoy freedom with wireless earphone mode. You may have to spend a little more, but given all the features and functionalities, this extra money seems like a worthy investment after all.

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