Advantages of RK3588 Board

by Nathan

The rk3588 is the latest and most cutting-edge processor that came into the market this year. It’s a processor of Single Board Computers that are SWMC designs. The processor comes with many advanced features that you haven’t seen before.

However, many people are unaware of these processors as they are new in the market, so they might not know how effective they can be. This article will explain the advantages of rk3588 board¬†that make them worth being your network part. So, let’s dive in!

Powerful Board

RK3588 is a powerful board with A72 and A53 quad-core. These cores aid the computer to work at a maximum speed of 1.8GigaHz. Both quad-cores ensure the high performance of the processor without consuming much energy.

One processor determines the performance, while the other controls the power consumption of computers. Unlike many other SBCs, the combination of two quad-cores makes these processors stand out in the list.

Powerful CPU

CPU of a processor make certain the speed of the computer. This unit provides that the command is well read and translates into the correct information. The reading and translation of the signals affect the computer’s speed. So, the powerful CPU means quick command follow-up and system processing, like data storage, input, and output functions.

Powerful GPU

GPU is the graphics unit that originates the graphics on the computer screen. This unit ensures that every graphical command is well-translated into a high-resolution picture/graph.

This unit process all the data and information and collect them to make an art piece. So, the powerful GPU ensures the high speed of graphics required in video games and other displays.


The RK3588 comes with the high-quality storage solution EMMC. This can store ~16GigaBits of data and even more with fast file storage and recovery. This storage option is also low-cost that ultimately cuts the cost of the processor and then the computer.

On the other hand, the LP-DDR3 lets the computer to store more and more data with less energy consumption.

Stream Processing

The stream processes the data in no time, ranging from data analysis to data sequencing and display. This processor has 4K60fps stream processing, which means a high-resolution image/video will be displayed on screen 60 times/sec.

This value ensures that there will be no interference and speed issues in your video streaming. The rk3588 stream processing supports 1080pixel video with the 120f/s video decoding.

Adopt USB Type C Interface

USB Type C is a standard data transfer and charging connecter that is widely used all over. It is a reversible connector where you don’t need to worry about the connector sides. These connectors can be used for multiple tasks and provide fast charging and data transfer without external interference.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

This board comes with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. These features make the device’s connection more accessible and convenient with no wire usage. This system also increases the transfer speed and allows users to control the devices from far away or through smartphones.


The RK3588 board features the latest Bluetooth and WiFi storage options, with ample storage and a reduced interference system. Whether you want something for your gaming day or to control your home system automatically, the RK3588 processor will do everything for you.

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