The data warehouse jobs in SCSM are very important as they are responsible for maintaining the DW databases, synchronising the management packs between the operational and DW management groups, extracting, transforming and loading data, and processing cubes.

These are all the jobs that should be enabled and should be running on their defined schedule.


If any of these jobs don’t run successfully, data cannot be loaded into the DW, could get corrupted in the DW, or the databases aren’t maintained correctly, which will all result in reports displaying data that is incorrect and/or up to date.

The issue with these jobs is that if they do fail, there is no notification that they have failed, which usually means it takes days before any issues are noticed.

Given that these jobs do seem to fail on occasions, and that it is easy to cause these jobs to fail without even realising it, I had a requirement to be alerted when these jobs aren’t running correctly.  To that end, I created a new management pack for SCOM that monitors these jobs.  There is a PowerShell based monitor in the MP that gets all the DW jobs and gets the status of the last run for each job, and if the status is anything other than ‘Completed’ an alert will be raised.

The alert will advise that a job, or jobs, have not completed successfully, and provide the names of the jobs that failed.




Being a monitor, when all the DW jobs are running as they should, the health state will automatically go back into a healthy state and the alert will be automatically closed.

For more information on resetting and re-running DW jobs, should you have a failure, and for more general information on the jobs themselves such as the order they need to run, visit

The management pack can be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery at, and has a dependency on the Microsoft Service Manager management pack which can be download at

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