A little while back now, Microsoft announced two new Microsoft Azure data centres in the UK… UK South in London and UK West in Cardiff.  This is great news for many companies that have been waiting to use Azure but needed their infrastructure and data to stay in the UK.

While great news, take two moments before planning anything to check the services you need are actually available from the data centres.

To help with this, Microsoft have kindly put up a page that displays what services are available in each data centre location.  https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/regions/services/.

At the moment it seems that the UK data centres are lacking in available services compared to other European data centre, however I am sure that list will grow very quickly.  One area in particular that is lacking is Monitoring & Management services where there are no services available, except for Scheduler; but if it is more compute, network and storage you need, then you’re pretty much all set.