I’m a big fan of SquaredUp for visualising SCOM data in a fast and flexible way, and will always create a nice new dashboard when one is required.  There are times though when I’m just too busy to create a new dashboard, and am happy to use a SCOM out of the box report, even if it’s just a temporary solution.  The problem with using a report though is that users need to have the SCOM console installed, and need to know how to run a report, which negates two benefits of using SquaredUp; that users don’t need the SCOM console, they simply need a web browser, and therefore users don’t need to know how to use the console.

The solution???  Embed the SCOM report on a SquaredUp dashboard!  This solution will allow users to view the report in the web dashboard they are familiar with, and means no SCOM consoles need to be installed.

As SCOM reports are based in SQL Reporting Services, they are available in a web browser so they can easily be added to a SquaredUp dashboard using the iFrame plugin.  Watch the video below to understand how the report needs to be published in SCOM, and how it can be added to a new dashboard page.


Embedding a SCOM Report into a SquaredUp Dashboard from David Allen on Vimeo.


In my environment I already had the iFrame plugin installed, but this is not installed by default when SquaredUp is installed.  To install the plugin, follow the steps at https://download.squaredup.com/downloads/download-info/iframe/.

Happy dashboarding!