UPDATE (03/12/2015):  It seems as if Microsoft has pulled or moved the article I reference for this post.  Here are the screenshots of the post when it was available!






One of the main complaints with Service Manager has been the performance of the console, which hasn’t really improved much even with all the latest updates applied.  Whilst it is logical to believe that console performance is directly related to the Service Manager database performance, which is true to a point, performance is hugely affected by the configuration of the PC running the console.

Microsoft have been running a number of different tests to isolate where the performance issues lie, and have discovered that one of the biggest causes of a slow console is the rendering of the forms.  This means that if the PC running the SCSM console has a dedicated graphics card (GPU), the console will run significantly quicker (44% quicker in MS tests).

The full article with details of the tests is here, http://blogs.technet.com/b/servicemanager/archive/2015/11/24/improving-sm-console-responsiveness-with-gpu.aspx.  The main conclusion though is to use offload rendering to a GPU, if possible.


Happy reading!