In this third post on using SquaredUp to maximise your SCOM setup, I will be looking at the ways in which new dashboards can be created, and how easy it is!!


No Additional Tools to Build Dashboards

With all the products an IT admin has to work with these days, the last thing one wants is another one, and SquaredUp understand this, as their product is completely web based!  Not only can SCOM data be viewed on very nice HTML5 pages, the pages (or dashboards) themselves can be built and edited within the web browser.  Whether it’s the scope of data you want to change to a section on the page, or whether you want to redesign the page, it is all easily done on the page…



The video above was published by SquaredUp.  I was going to do my own video, but they have covered everything 🙂

There are many advantages to this approach:

  • No installation of software on all computers that may need to work with SquaredUp, just a web browser is required.
  • Any updates to SqauredUp only need to be applied to the server SquaredUp is installed on.
  • No additional training required if you know the SCOM basics and you know how to use a web browser!
  • Make edits using any kind of device that has a web browser.
  • Immediately view your published dashboard.

Although I didn’t do my own video on using the In-GUI dashboard designer (above), I did put this quick video together to demonstrate just how quickly you could have a dashboard published. This dashboard deals with the issue of knowing whether an alert is rule based or monitor based, by easily separating the two.


Creating an Alert Dashboard in SquaredUp from David Allen on Vimeo.


This two minutes, combined with the two minutes for installation, means that within 4 minutes you have SquaredUp installed and one of your own dashboards published!


You can download a free trial of SquaredUp at, or access a live online demo at

Watch out for the next post in this series….