This is the second post in my series on the benefits of using SquaredUp, although this post is less about maximising productivity, and more about ease of purchase.


Transparent Pricing & Easy Purchasing

As fun as it ease to implement new products, purchasing them can be a nightmare, particularly if the selling company doesn’t have a clear pricing structure and just wants to do deals, or give the impression of a bargain.  SquaredUp, however, do not do this and have a very refreshing approach… Honest and clear pricing upfront!

It is so easy to purchase SquaredUp, as you don’t have to spend weeks, or even months, coming to an agreement on price.  Simply visit, select the licensing option that’s relevant to you, and pay… Then you can just focus on what you actually want to do; creating useful and pretty dashboards 🙂

This approach also has the added benefit that no pushy sales team will be constantly on your back!!

Further to this, I believe that SquaredUp is extremely well priced, with their cheapest license being just $700!



You can download a free trial of SquaredUp at, or access a live online demo at

Watch out for the next post in this series….