As we know, the SCSM console can only be installed on Windows computers with certain pre-requisites installed, which limits what devices SCSM can be used on.  Even the SCSM self-service portal has a Silverlight plugin requirement, which also limits the devices on which it can be used.  This may not be a problem for many people, however in this more mobile, agile, and Service Management centric world there is often a need to be able to access the Service Management tools wherever you are.  But, even if the SCSM console was available on other, more mobile, devices, the performance of the console would simply not be good enough to make it useful!

To make SCSM available and useful on any device, it would need a portal that does not require any custom plugins (such as Flash or Silverlight), and it would need to be quick, so it can be used on the go.  The perfect way to achieve this would be to use a HTML5 based web portal that utilizes some kind of SCSM data cache to make it quick.  The reason I know this works is because Cireson have a Service Portal product that is HTML5, and does use a data cache, and changes the experience of using SCSM into a far more pleasurable one.

Now, with the Cireson portal installed, it is easy to work with Service Manager within your environment, but what if you want to enable access outside the environment and on devices that cannot be joined to a domain (such as an iPad)??

Well, the first option would be use the Cireson portal with forms based authentication and present it externally.  But, while this will work, it can cause issues with the security team in your business, as presenting anything externally that is an internal system is a security risk.

The second option is to use a remote mobile working solution, if your business has one.  This is a far more secure option, as the mobile working solution should have already been setup in a secure way, and internal URL’s distributed to selected workers.  One product I have worked with is MobileIron, which will allow any IT device to be securely managed by the business, and present applications to users on set devices, as required.

One application that can be installed on a device managed by MobileIron is Web@Work which provides a web browser for web resources on the secure internal network.  So, I had the internal Cireson portal URL distributed to my managed iPad device, connected up my iPad to my home network, then accessed the URL….. and, I had a fully functioning SCSM portal on my iPad 🙂




I appreciate that having access to Service Manager on any device isn’t everyones idea of fun, but it can be extremely useful, especially for people who regularly work remotely, or people or just need to quickly connect up to approve review activities, and for anyone who just wants quick access to minimise the amount of time performing service management tasks!

So, enjoy working with SCSM on any device you want in any location you want.